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December 30, 2016
S scale layout

Saga of Ashtabula train disaster endures after 140 years (photos, videos) |

Turzillo said both Collins' mausoleum and the obelisk have been the subject of ghost stories and sightings, with Collins supposedly seen leaning against the memorial to the unknowns, weeping. The author, who has seen the crash site and visited the cemetery, said, "I didn't feel any ghosts or anything like that." Mostly "it was just an overwhelming feeling of sadness," she added. While looking at go to Blog Posts to learn more in conjunction with related MTH trains resources, most of us discovered a great amount more with regards to the S scale trains theme.The Ashtabula County Public Library, 4335 Park Ave., has a display of photos and artifacts from the disaster, including corroded watches, pocket knives, keys, buckles, hinges and melted lumps of metal. Many of the artifacts on display come from Dave Tobias, 60, of Ashtabula, who has been digging up pieces of the disaster ever since he was a young boy and found an old pocket knife lying on the river bank at the crash site. When his father said it may have come from the train disaster, "I just got hooked on it," Tobias said. Since then he has collected thousands of artifacts. Initially they were relatively easy to find. "When I first started hunting, after a spring thaw you could walk along the river and pick stuff up that had washed out of the bank," he said. He also used a gold-panning technique, sifting earth through water in a pan and watching for some valuable object to appear from the silt.

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Cities fighting climate change: a hopeful story from 2016 - Curbed

Recent news about spiking Arctic temperature and the policy preferences of the incoming Trump administration dont inspire confidence. Neither does the fact that 2016 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history. And while the big picture view seems less than rosy, focusing on national and international stories may obscure the important advances being made on the city and local level. This was the year when cities and urban areas were finally, truly embraced for being testing grounds for environmental improvements, as opposed to dirty, pollution-spewing centers of industry. Part of this has to do with a changing economy and globalized manufacturing, but a much bigger part of it has to do with the wealth of focused, local action on community improvements, and the creation of denser, healthier, more walkable neighborhoods. Cities produce the majority of the worlds pollution, and also stand on the front lines of climate-related issues such as sea level rise, transportation, air pollution, and green energy, and increasingly, theyre fighting for a better way forward. Here are some of the highlights from a big year for cities and climate change. Solar panels in Shanghai Shutterstock Cities are reaping the rewards of working together Both nationally and internationally, cities are seeing the benefits of banding together to share ideas and creating political coalitions to help push progressive environmental policy. The C40 group of cities held a summit in Mexico City this fall to strategize about battling climate change and recognized international leaders in climate action . The group has also been a source of leadership on the international level, pushing the Paris climate accords and even creating the Women4Climate initiative to support new female leaders. As women mayors and city leaders we cant rely on anyone else to take the lead on creating a sustainable world for future generations, says C40 Chair and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. We are more than ready for the challenge. In the United States, as the gulf on climate action widens between blue state cities and the incoming federal government, municipalities are forging an independent path towards sustainability.

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