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December 25, 2016
Walthers trains

WALTHERS TO ANNOUNCE NEXT PASSENGER TRAIN... - Model Railroader Magazine - Model Railroading, Model Trains, Reviews, Track Plans, and Forums

Rumor has it that it will be Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited that will be tied in together with a Cornerstone Series replica of Chicago's Union Station. Like the Empire Builder, the North Coast Limited will be offered in a variety of paint schemes: Pine Tree paint scheme (pre-1954),the Raymond Lowery two-tone green (post-1954), Burlington Northern, and Amtrak Phase I. The train will be pulled by a Proto 2000 F7 A-B-A set of locomotives with DCC & sound and NPspecific details.Ten cars will be offered: PS Baggage Car (car # 400- 405) PS RPO/Dormintory (car # 425 - 429) PS 56-seat coach (car # 500 - 517) Budd Dome-coach (car # 550 - 558) PS "Traveler's Rest" Lounge (# car 494 - 499) PS Diner(car #450 - 455) Budd 4/4/4 Dome Sleeper (car # 304 - 313) PS 8/6/4 Sleeper (car # 367 - 372) PS 8/6/3/1 Sleeper (car # 350 - 364) PS 4/1 sleeperbuffet lounge oberservation (car # 390 - 394) Union Sta)tion would be ideally served by their Broadway Limited and Twin Cities Hiawatha train sets along with the Union Pacific :City" service via their Milwaukee Road connection to Chicago. Union Station is also ideal for Walthers' largeselection of Amtrak equipment for modern era modelers. Walther's will tout Union Station as an ideal substitue model for "Any City's" downtown station. I would be incredibly happy if this was Walthers' next passenger train. I run my HO scale trains at a club in Livingston, Montana at the old Northern Pacific depot. This was the mid point for the North Coast Limited and it changed locomotives here. I hope that Walthers will do it, but I could see a little different lineup. It seems like 1959 would be a better starting point for the train. Some cars could have the Pine Tree scheme, and all could have the BN and Amtrak schemes. Here's my idea for a 11 car North Coast Limited. 1. PS Water-Baggage Car (car # 400- 405) [1 car on train] 2. PS Mail-Dormintory (car # 425 - 429) [1 car on train] 3. PS 56-seat Day-Night coach (car # 587-599) [2-3 cars on train] Note change from original 56-seat coach-those were termed "day" coaches by the NP 4.

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Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.: Private Company Information - Businessweek

Walthers, Inc. engages in developing, manufacturing, and distributing model railroad equipment in the United States and internationally. The company offers locomotives, rolling stocks, structures, accessories, reference books, train and race sets, and HO and N scales. It also supplies information on various items for trains to hobby shops. In addition, the company distributes products of other manufacturers. When users choose to research into greater depth on the American Flyer trains subject, pay a visit to this American Flyer trains web site: check out railroad trains.Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.

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